Anyone interested in an writing partner/artist?

I love making covers, backgrounds, overlays and art scenes. I would love to work on a story together with someone, so if anyone is looking for an artist for his/her story, I would really like to help.
I tried writing a story once, but I found out that I’m not very good at it. So I would like to work together with someone that is experienced in writing and coding/directing and the use of overlays and stuff. I only do INK, so I’m looking for someone with an INK story.

If anyone in interested, send me a private message and I will tell you more about it.

Xx Eva


I’m interested in the art!!

Hey, the art would be very helpful i’m actually looking for someone to help me with that… BTW I am having a couple of stories but if it’s too much pressure no worries sis :grin: But the art would be a great help thx

Hi, I already found someone, so I’m writing a story with that person now, sorry

Thanks for replying though :blush:

Aww it’s fine but thx for at least telling me :slight_smile: