Anyone Interested in being a writing partner with me?

I would love to have a writing partner! And we would both co-own the story. So I would be in charge 50 50. If you’re interested please message back! (side note: I can code, but It would be nice to have another person to help with that and to have ideas to bounce back and forth)

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Hi, I would love too! I have to say though that I’m new to making stories.

Really? That would be awesome!

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Of course! I’m not good at coding at all, but I’m good with coming up with ideas (I just don’t know how to carry them out lol)


Sorry I had to go really fast, but I’m back now lol

Oh no it’s perfectly fine, I was just worried I was being too aggressive and scared you away!:joy:

Not at all😂

Oh, good!

So how do you want to message? I don’t think we should just do it in this message right?

Probably not- should we email or something? I’m not really sure

I think the forum has messaging features so maybe we could just do it off of here


Sry I’m dumb but how do u do that? Wouldn’t email be easier? If not it’s ok. Whatever works best for u

R u still there?

Yep, sorry

Ur fine lol, I thought u left

And I’m fine with email

How should I send it to you?

I have no idea😂