Anyone interested in being a writing partner?


I am currently writing a story for the Thriller contest and so far I am part way through the second chapter. However I have been finding myself quite distracted due to the fact that I have been doing a family tree that has piqued my interest so what I ask is this: Is there anyone who fancies partnering up with me?

The story is called Thriller: Hawthorn Lake and is about a girl called Anwen who was adopted into a family in north Missouri. It is a multi-racial story about a mysterious town where murders have been happening a girl returns to the town a year after she was kidnapped.

I know there’s only 4 weeks left but if you are interested then please contact me urgently.

Thank you


I could! But only if you’re looking for someone to actually help write the story on the portal and not just someone to bounce ideas off.


Hi, no I definitely am looking for someone to help me write it, its my first thriller story and I’m finiding it difficult so thank you for agreeing to help me :slight_smile:


Okay! So. Um. What now?


What I could do is set up a different episode account using an email address I will create for the occasion and transfer everything over there to see what you think of what I have, is that ok?


That sounds good! You can PM me so we can discuss this further.


Can I help ?


I will do, I’ll message you to let you know when I’ve transfered it all over ok? It might take a while though :slight_smile:


Thank you, but I think we’ll be ok now, I’m just happy that multiple people have offered to help me, I’ve been finding this so hard :smiley:


Ok then


Okay, sounds good!