Anyone interested in being co-writers?

Hello! So i’ve just started my first story but its taking me a super long time to write since I am getting used to script writing. Would anyone be interested in co-writing it with me?? I’m still writing the first episode and honestly could use help :slight_smile: I have so much to put together still, including a title, cover art, and finishing the first three episodes.

In the USA, there was a war that wiped out the country due to a tyrant. This guy creates a new way of living in the country. In this improved country, each person lives in a territory based on their astrological sign and are only allowed to associate/marry with people based on your astrological sign. So for example, if you were born in October, you are a libra and you would live with other libra’s in your own, secluded part of the country, away from people born as leo’s, cancers, aquarius’, etc. You would only be able to fall in love with another libra.

From there I was thinking about taking this approach:
You find out that your best friend or sibling is not actually a libra which means they cannot live with you anymore and you have to hide them/run away from the government
Along the way I am hoping to throw in some romance and other drama :))


Which sibling are you talking about

What is a libra

Libra is the name of the zodiac sign of the people who are born in Oct.

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Hey i would like to work with you and its a good idea for a story. If you want to work with me send me a message if you want to be my partner


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Your story idea sounds really cool! Good luck! :smile:

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You’re welcome. :wink:

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