Anyone Interested in Co-Writing with Me?

I’m new to Episode, learning fast though. I write stories on Wattpad, I’m pretty experienced at writing in general. The story I’m writing is a Drama one. Coding and Directing isn’t exactly my forte, but if I had a partner who we could either work together or she/he could teach me, that would be great.

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hello :hearts:
Im pretty crap at writting but coding is really easy for me. If you want we can work on a story together

omg yes, i am sorry i just saw this!! i am absolutely clueless when it comes to coding on here but i can write pretty ok.

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Is there space for one more?

Hey! I’d love to co- write spot directing and overlays are very easy for me ! If theres space for one more I’d love to join xx - Zoe

yes i think so lol. let’s start a chat and we can discuss I guess?

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probably lol. let’s message and we can talk about it:)

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so i am a writer on wattpad and i have written this story out on paper. i honestly think it’s a drama, romance story idk what you are interested in.

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I would be down to work with you if you work well with the coding and could teach me?

i don’t:((

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still need a co-writer?
I can help with coding :slight_smile:


Do you still need a Co writer, I could help

Can you help me I just joined in on writing and I have a bunch of ideas I just need them coded

@Ranen check out Ellyyt on YouTube she has a lot of informative tutorials that might help