Anyone interested in commissions

Hello, I am a new artist and I wanted to know if anyone was interested in commissions, this is where you pay me for my art work. Please let me know and I can give you a price list. I promise this is all my work. I can even show you my layers :joy: here is an example of my work
Full body

Half body

Thank you!


I actually have money for once :joy: but what are your prices and let me know if you have more examples.

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1 person- $5
2 people - $8
Half body
1 person - $8
2 people - $12
Full body (like the one shown)
1 person - $10
2 people - $16

This is my price list. I’ll upload more pictures when I get to my iPad.

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Ok. I’ll get back to you later and thanks :revolving_hearts:

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