Anyone interested in helping me make a cover! 😭

I’ve created a cover on my own for my previous story and it was perfectly fine. With my new story line I’m not sure what this one should entail. Is anyone willing to make me a cover ( small and large). I would without a doubt credit you in my story and on my Instagram account. If your don’t want to participate but you know someone that does pls leave there @ below :heartpulse:


Drawn or edited?

free or commisioned?

What style?

I can make edited free covers (Large and small)
You can PM me here in the forums or DM me in IG (@angryybirdd)

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Awesom!! I’ll be PMing you shortly!!

edited commissioned :heartpulse:

You cannot commission an edited cover as they contain episode assets which is copyright:(
Edits can only be free! :heartbeat:

If you want a drawn cover, my commissions are open, you can PM me for more details! :two_hearts:

I can make u a cover, I make covers for free!!! Drawn and edited!!!

If u don’t have anyone yet