Anyone interested in helping me with some wolf outlines?

Hi guys

So as the headline says, I wanted to hear if anyone would be interested in helping me out with some wolf outlines, you don 't have to colour them, if you don’t want to. I can do that myself.

I need 2 wolves, but the tricky part is I need them in different positions, such as lying down, sitting, running and walking. It doesn’t have to be something totally detailed, i’ve found 3 pictures on Google which indicates what kind of style I’m thinking.

If you would want to help, let me know, and thank you in advance. Oh and I will of course give you credit for them


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Thanks for the tag. I am not sure if I can. Never did one before only edited one.
But here is some I found on
No credit needed. There free to use.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to find the wolves.
I’ll try and see if I can figure something out, Maybe putting some colour on them or something like that :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Check they might have something you may like.

I can try to draw one. But can’t do it at this moment. Never did an outline only edited them.

This is what I have done.


I’ve not tried to do animated style wolves before… Only drawn two realistic style ones so sorry if this isn’t great :joy: but might help?

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Wow they look great, they have that touch of realism.

I can’t really do digital drawing, I can only draw on paper :blush:

It looks awesome, it is that kind of cartoonish style i’m looking for.

I have never been good at drawing cartoon, I only do realism and only on paper :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah my other wolf image, was my first one and done digitally in realistic :smiley: was fun to do though and was pleased with the end result… I’m a stranger to cartoonish style to be honest, but figured I’d give it a shot :smiley:
Here’s the lying down one

And the running…

And walking…

Do you still need help? Haven’t been on today

no, im good, lol I was tagging u to see this post.

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