Anyone interested in joing an instagram art group?😀

I’m thinking about creating an art group on insta. But obviously it’s not gonna work if there’s only me. So, I’m trying to find people who would like to join!

Some requirements:

  • Must be older then 12(duh)
  • Must have another insta account
  • Must have never stolen any art/edits

If you want to join, please fill in this form!
instagram username:
time zone?
What do you make?(covers, splashes, banners. Pfps, edits, art scenes etc)
examples of your work(at lease 5):

Some information about this group:

  • I will need at least 5 people(myself included) to start the group.
  • I haven’t decided on the name yet.
  • People can request through the link to the google form in the group account’s profile(I will make the account) and they will receive their request through dm with the group account(me). Of course I will make sure they credit the artist who made it and our group.
  • We will use google forms for requesters to fill in to request, then I will forward it in our pm/dm(either here or insta).
  • I will open a folder in my google drive, and all of you can access it to upload the finished requests. Then our group account(me lol) will forward the link of the piece to the requester so they can get their art from the google drive folder instead of on insta because insta ruins quality.

I hope y’all consider joining! :smiley:

please help me tag people

  1. definatelynotahuman
  2. UTC +2
  3. Have plans for stories
    4.Dont have any

I want to join but I only have a few of each could still put them? :smile:

If you want to join, please fill in this form!
instagram username:
My new account is @epy.sxwrites
time zone?
Pacific Time
What do you make?(covers, splashes, banners. Pfps, edits, art scenes etc)
I kinda make all of them except covers and art scenes
examples of your work(at lease 5):

To the people who see my examples please do not steal I do not have my signature on most of them and I hope you’ll respect that :heart:

I hope I get choosed and sorry if these are lame I only started working on editing 2 weeks ago

I would love to join😊
Insta: elie.episode
Time zone: CST
I make covers, pfp, and I’m practicing art scenes
I don’t have many examples since I just strated😅


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Oooo girl barely started your already a pro :laughing:

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insta : stellamacchia_episode
time zone: eastern
what do you make: splashes, edits, covers (I’m slow tho)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!:sneezing_face:
I could say the same, your art is AMAZING :scream::star_struck:

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Awwww ur so sweet lol thanks!!! :laughing: :heavy_heart_exclamation: Ur art is amazing da fudge you dang talented bean!!! :sob:

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My instagram is:

I am older than 13

Never stolen art/edits

Time Zone?
British time zone (GMT)

covers, art scenes, slpashes, edits, overlays (sometimes), e.c.t

To the people that see these DO NOT STEAL please, thank you :heart::heart:



Art Scenes




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Username: @prashansa60.episode :heart:
Time zone: PST (Pacufuc Standard Time)
Art: I make everything except for art scenes (I do basic ones) :sweat_smile:

About one of the rules I am 13, but am I still allowed to be in the group. Sorry if I sound dumb saying that. :sweat::no_mouth::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Here it is: :upside_down_face:

@Deadpool69 so you’re gonna do story reviews or help people to scrip?

@raindrvps @elie9 @Stella2003 @Ellie_Hughes_xx @appleqrl you guys are in. Do you prefer to pm here or instagram?

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I’ll wait until tomorrow to see does anyone else wants to join.

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Btw I’ve made the group chat on insta.

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@Stella2003 which one is you?

well both, you can dm me in stellamacchia_episode :sweat_smile:

anyone else interested in joining?

I’ll like to join.
instagram username: jany.epy
time zone? East
What do you make?(covers, splashes, banners. Pfps, edits, art scenes etc) Edits
examples of your work(at lease 5):


I’ll add you in the insta group! Can you send me your INK deets so I can make the group banner thing.

In insta or here?

Just here.