Anyone interested in making me some backgrounds/overlays?

I have more but don’t want to ask for too much at once also, please please leave what I need to credit you. Also, anyone that can and is willing to help me out I will use your character in my story for a BG if you want :slight_smile:

These two I need above the lockers to say on a banner Mogen High. Then on the board I need a paper that looks like a signup paper and I need it to say Spelling club. I would also like some other school things on it, just whatever as long as its school-related and for a high school.

This one maybe a little harder and may not be able to be done for me but hoping it can. I need the floor and walls to match the other two backgrounds. Then I need the parking lot and both classroom doors to be where my characters can walk through them.

What type of backgrounds do you want?

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I need some of the school backgrounds changed a bit first like things on the walls and board.

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Edits for Free (Covers, Splashes & Backgrounds)

shop is making these for me I don’t need help with them three any more :slight_smile:

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