Anyone Interested In R4R+G4G?

I Recently Found Out That The Forums Will NOW Be Closing In August!

With that being said Is anyone interested in doing R4R+G4G when my future story releases? I will be writing down usernames and story names in my notes for when I release it I will contact you.

  • What’s the name of your story?
  • Instagram username if you have one?
  • Note that proof will need to be provided when the time comes that you’ve read it :blob_hearts:

Hi! I’m up for G4G and R4R!
The name of my story is: ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and my ig handle is @amberlee.writes
Let me know if you’re interested :blush:

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Hi! My insta is the_epi_emporium
Happy to do r4r or g4g when you release your story just shoot me a msg :heart:

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Im up for R4R and G4G. My story is in the end of June/early July.

Its called Club for the Damned.

My instagram is @Alannah.epi

Message me. My IG messages are always open.

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I love Betrayed LL! Check it out! https// episode Episode Writer Portal
I just published a new chapter. I’m down for R4R.:smiling_face:

Hi! I’m down for a r4r. Let me know if you’re interested :grin:

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Chapters: 7 (Complete)
Description: An immortal mage, a rebellious teen, and a vampire framed for murder. It’s only a matter of time before they realize that everywhere they go marks a trail of fear and chaos.
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes

Thank you :heart:

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heyy i can do g4g

Hi I’m down for r4r if you likfe
Title: Partner and Crime

Author Episode.percenitygf

Instagram @Episode.percenitygf


The only gem choice is to support the author at the end

Style Limelight

Episodes 1-15 out now

Kira, finally reunited with her family after being taken away at the age of 7, wonders what will happen when the past of her parent’s past comes back into the picture.


I’m down for a R4R! :slightly_smiling_face:

Title : Bloodaxe
Summary : The Court of Scots is desperate and seeks the help of an infamous enemy, Freydís the Bloodaxe. Will the shieldmaiden fight alongside her kin or choose her heart over them?
Genre : adventure/ fantasy/ (historical) romance
Additional info : Full CC, option between multiple male or female love interest, point system and different endings.
Story cover:

Story link : -

Instagram: @chanel.stories

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@Kieran @ChanelN @AlannahWrites @Episode.percenitygf @EAHS @jcwhisper.writes Thank you all for dropping your stories and your handles I’ve taken notes and I will be sure to reach out to you all when I release my story. :blob_hearts:

@Mango25 Do you have an instagram? they are closing the forums in 8 days, I’ll be writing instagram handles and stories in my notes for when I release.



Thank you! Look forward to reading your story! :slight_smile:

If this is still active, I’d love to be included… My story is called “rediscovering us” and my insta handle is junipee.episode :slight_smile: thank you a head of time.

Hey I just published a new story I can do R4R! I only have 4 episodes at the moment and more very soon but i can do R4R! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: The Edge of Us
Episodes: 4 ongoing (just wanted to gain some thoughts)
Genre Drama
Description: Franchesca and Zayn uncover dark secrets revealing a threatening link. Amidst these revelations they begin to forge a relationship. Will the hidden truth push them to the edge?
Story Link Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : @hyacenthwrites

Hiii! I’m up for r4r and g4g :heart:
Story title: Illogical
Story link: Illogical link
My insta: @ ela_episode_new :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey guys I just published my new story. Go check it out! Don’t hesitate to give me feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I do Read4Reads as well!

I just updated my story, I’ve had some personal stuff going on so I haven’t written in a while. I plan to get back on track. Go check on the two latest episodes. I hope you enjoy it! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Author: Flame Spiral

Story: Into The Shadows

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Episodes: 7 (more coming soon)

Style: Limelight

Description: In a world where hybrids are rare powerful beings, enemies want to keep you at the bottom of the food chain. Will you climb the ladder or be forced into the Shadows?

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Into The Shadows

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

@Ela.stories @Hyacenth Thank you! I have you both written down in my notes for the R4R

Do you have an Instagram?


bump It’s been changed to August for the closing but I still want to write stories/instagrams in my notes since I’m not actively writing for now