Anyone interested in R4R? ❤

Thanks for this thread❤
I have released my new story . It’s emotional , gut wrenching , and a perfect combination of suspense and romance. Hope you give it a try. I will be up for a r4r
Title **:Stay Forever
Story type : Limelight
: * *Romance ***
Instagram *: @Episode_jun

*Description *:When the daughter of FBI agent Ariyana falls in love with the future heir of the greatest mafia of New York city, all hell breaks loose. Will Noah and Ariyana be able to overcome the differences of their worlds or will they be caught in the cross fire? *Link **:

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I’ve read your story, @RubiRed
Pls check dm for screenshots :smile:

I’ve read your story, @Catlover77
Pls check dm for screenshots :heart:

Hey!! This is my first story that I recently published. I would love to r4r with all you guys. You can reply here or dm on instagram.:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:
Title - Secrets Of Mapleglen
Story type - Limelight
No. Of episodes - 4
Genre - Fantasy
Instagram - @phoenix.epi11

After moving to the college, Lucine is faced with a revelation that challenges her existence. Join her on her journey to uncover the Secrets Of Mapleglen to save herself. CC, 3LI-2M&1F
Story link -

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I’ve read your story! Pls check dm for ss @Joy1

I’ve read your story,
pls check dm for ss :smile: