Anyone interested in reading a story purposely super cliché and funny?

So I looked back at one of my old stories and it was SO CLICHÉ, but it was so funny at the same time. I was thinking of writing a super cliché but funny story for comedic purposes. Would anyone be interested in reading something like this? Or is it too cringy for you?

P.s. I’m not sure if this is in the right category or not.


I don’t cringe lol what’s it called?

It’s called Where do I belong? It’s in the Classic style, cause I wrote this a long time ago. I was thinking of creating a new story that’s purposely cliché and funny, if anyone wanted to read it.

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I’ll check it out tonight :+1:

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I’m moving this to Promote Your Story since it’s basically story promotion, but if you want feedback, we can move it to Share Feedback. :wink:

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The post was to ask whether anyone was interested in something of this sort so I could write a story specifically for this. I wasn’t promoting my story nor asking for feedback on it, only asking if anyone was interested in this type. It doesn’t seem to fit any of the categories, so I have no idea which one it should belong to.


Thanks for explaining! I’d say Share Feedback, since you’re asking whether or not people would be interested in it. I’ve moved it there for you. :smiley:

Okay thanks!!

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