Anyone Interested In Writing A Self-Discovery Story

Hey guys! I wanna write a story about self-discovery and a high school journey. Please read my plot which I will include, completely before proceeding. The main character in this story is going to be male. AlthoughI have not thought up whether to write in Ink or Limelight yet. And this story is going to be about his life. Basically, I wanted to include a plotline where he discovers that he’s gay and his struggles for not being able to accept who he is. Some extras I’ll add is his struggle for crushing on his straight best friend and his homophobic parents. I don’t want this story to be too long maybe 10 - 15 well-written episodes? But to be chosen as my partner you have to keep a broad mind about this story and keep in mind that I’m a girl as well and I’m gonna be writing in the perspective of a boy. I hope the plot line interests you and if it does reply on here and we’ll talk. :grin:

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I’m interested. I love your plot!

I love that idea! Good to see a story from a males perspective. I can’t help you though because I’m kinda rubbish at plotlines lol. Good luck!

Thanks! So wanna help by being my partner?

Of course

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: