Anyone interested in writing with me?

I have this story i wanna do, while i try to figure out where my other one is going. So its on pause. I decided to do another. Its called the Prince’s Heart. I am open to ideas on how to make my description better, coding is sorta an issue for me but i am getting better. in need of a writing partner and also someone to bounce ideas off of (lol) if interested let me know. :slight_smile: i would surely appreciate it!

Lucille is just a New York waitress, she makes a spontaneous choice to go to the prince’s kingdom and win his heart. Will she fall in love with him or will it be to late?

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If you’re still searching for someone, let me know, I’d be glad to help!

Yes. If ur willing to

I am!

Whn do you wanna start?

Idk yet, but maybe it’s nice to know each others timezones?

Well its 10:36 here

I think it’s best if you messaged each other instead, people might Flagg your comments

Wht do u mean?

Message each other in private instead

Hey are u still looking for someone? Insta is @red_under99 I’m available to help

I could use some help with another story i had an idea on.

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Great! Just let me know what u want and I can get started