Anyone is a episode artist?

the person I wanted isn’t able to do my cover art for my story if you are comment down below.,


I am :blush:
And I’m currently taking commissions, I’ve one spot left :thinking:

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I have an art shop!!
Audree’s Art Shop!

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You can request here!

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any examples of covers?

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all the examples are on there :smiley:

oh i was looking for drawn covers.

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oh ok

is it ink or limelight?


i’m not the best at limelight but i can try

do you have any examples

Are you willing to pay?

yes if your work is good.

I know annszaa on insta does commissions, ck_artdesign rauchart

ck and rauch are closed for comissions

annszaa i believe is closed also

Idk she recently still took my request

yeah her bio says closed but i guess i can aks

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