Anyone know any good ink superhero stories?

Hi there! So glad you clicked on this thread. If you have any good ink superhero stories with powers and stuff, please tell me!
If your story matches this description, then by all means, please share!

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Well I’m pretty much into superhero stuff so I hope I can recommend you some stories you would like:

  • Fine Line by Evil Ebonni
  • The Watchers by Cassidy Caravella
  • Children of The Damned by Casella
  • H&V: From Zero to Hero by Dr. Smile

The below ones are not specifically about superheroes, but the characters have really cool powers:

  • Magician’s Code by Isabella Costa
  • Nature’s caprices by Moni M.
  • The Four Horsemen by S_Unique

These are in Limelight, but maybe you want to check them out:

  • Moments by Sarah Robbins
  • Unknown Past by Sayanjali Rizvi

And since I think my story also fits your description:

  • Challenge Accepted by Annie Edison
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