Anyone know any good limelight stories


Anyone know any good limelight stories I know I posted a post like this a few months ago but I need new suggestions from the community


Enemies with benefits :heart:


Dirty little secrets.
a place to call home.
Why me?
The new us.


Bad to the bone
Galileo School of Magic


about friends with benefit and a love triangle


Stealing Star Boyfriend (I haven’t tried many LL stories):sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Lights, Camera, Scandal
With Or Without You
& maybe checking out my story? :slight_smile: called ‘Maybe We’re Home’


Hey, I have an account called “Limelight Stories” and I have 8.9k and I recommend ONLY limelight stories that varies from genre to genre. Please check out my account and find out which story you like! P.S i highly recommend The Perfect Shade of Blue" by Coovu


Fantastical: Demigods

^^ It’s a story centered around greek mythology