Anyone know anything about african folk lore. help me please

for people reading my story Ethereal. it’s not about that story, just so we are clear

I need a kind of mythical creature. my Mane character can be a descend of(child or grandchild). I have been looking at African stories (Yes she is African) I have been looking but can’t find any humanoid creature there fit the plot. I have considered making her the grandchild of the goddesses Oya. but I don’t really wanna go with the whole. she is a goddesses story plot. it doesn’t matter where it’s from in Africa.

about the MC. she is a fighter and challenging. she is clever. and think fast. she often ends in dangerous situations not because she is dump she is smart enough to know that running into a battlefield is dangerous but she is gonna do it anyway if she wants to. her personality is basically you told I couldn’t do it so now I am gonna do it and you can not stop me.

What part of Africa is she from, because Egypt is in Africa and there are a ton of humanoid creatures in their mythology.

I know. but dont they have a more light skin colour. MC has a dark skin colour.

I mean one of their gods is blue so I don’t think skin color really matters to them


but it matter to my charatere,

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