Anyone know how this was coded?

I saw this scene in the story: H&V: The Magician’s Code and wondered how this was coded to switch facial expressions. We were able to customize our characters and overlays would’ve probably been a hassle to implement. (Unless that was the case.) Though I do notice the hands are different from the animation ‘Frustrated’. Anyone have any ideas?


@CHARACTER is frustrated

@Dara.Amarie @Apes Do you guys have any suggestions?

For sure the first one is frustrated

but I can’t find the second one :neutral_face: I’m on it now! :joy: Is she was like static in this position?

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Yes! After she did ‘frustrated’, she turned static and her expression changed.

@RudeInception ? :thinking:

I don’t really recall this animation. Hmm… maybe it’s an overlay? But I’m still checking :smiley:

Might be the end of listen_gossip

Ooh, so do you think it was the use of overlays?

No, It’s just the characters and the behaviors, the cell bars are definitely overlays but the character is not

If she changed expressions instantly, maybe the author used a twin and switched out the first character with the twin (who performed the animation offscreen)?
I don’t remember this scene ahhaha so I can’t say for sure

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That makes a lot of sense now!

So she spotted the twin in place of the MC to create this effect. As for the animation, I won’t worry about it too much as I wanted to figure out how the effect occurred. Thank you everyone!


I have yet to read that story, but I found this extremely intruguing. :crazy_face:

My first guess would be a twin switch. But for the animation… there aren’t that many that end bend forward like that and none that I know of that ends with its hands like that… :thinking:
The male admire ends similuar to it, but at the female version she has her hand up to her mouth, so it can’t be that one… Same with the listen animations.
And it can’t be one of the loops, since you can’t interrupt a loop without going into another animation…

In case it isn’t a very well timed quick twin switch-twin switch, because then it can be any animation.

Since she isn’t actually doing an animation - only changing and then turning - it might be an overlay of a well timed cut of a animation - possibly listen or listen_gossip - or a modification of frustrated. My best bet is on that one, but I’m not 100% and that makes me sooo inspired and impressed. (and a lot crazy)

Hat’s of to Isabella Costa.


Ps. If anyone finds out the answer to the enigma, plz tell/pm me - i might go insane otherwise


Yeah that action is called “frustrated”

Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: