Anyone know how to code out or use zooms on their episode cover by introducing it?

Hello everyone!

I need your guys help! If anyone could answer this question it would really mean a lot. Do any of you guys know how to type out or code out on episode interactive on how to zoom into on your episode story cover? Just like you know how some authors/writers episode stories introduce their story starting with their episode cover, by zooming in on the characters face and then zooming out on showing the whole cover? I don’t know if this question makes sense to you guys. But I’ve tried looking on YouTube and everywhere on the forums. Couldn’t really find anything. Please anyone that knows anything on this question. Say anything below. It would really help alot. :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

You have to click “show helpers” then “camera” then click “zoom” and zoom on where you want then you click “focus” to move to where you want the zoom to happen. Then at the bottom, you will see the code then you can click copy and then paste it. You can also time the zoom if you don’t want it to happen automatically by adding “in x” I put x to indicate the seconds you want.

Also to zoom back out you can either do @reset zoom or do the @reset zoom and see the numbers for the reset and then you can do @zoom in x y to z in 3 seconds idk if the code is correct btw lol. That’s an example btw.
That’s all! Sorry, it’s long!

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Lol. TYSM! That really helped a lot. :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

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