Anyone know how to do tattoo edits on characters lol?

So I wanted to know if anyone knows how to do those cool edits where the characters have like tattoos and/or piercings? I tried to do one, but the quality was so bad! I need it for a special scene!

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I find the quality can be better if you use Ibis paint X.
I haven’t found any other way of making the quality better on episode yet, but I guess the quality on Ibis paint is good enough.

Hopefully this helps! :blue_heart:

If you just want a tattoo added on to the episode character, I can totally do it for ya tomorrow morning-ish. just send me the details & I’ll get it done for you :blush:

Would you still be able to do this? :sob:

yes of course! but it would make me extra happy if you entered the character contest I’m going to post later today in exchange lol :wink:

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I’d love to!! I’ll pm you :slight_smile:

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