Anyone know how to do this?

_anyone know how to change some certain color of things in backgrounds
e.g if i wanna change the locker color on this how do i do that pv1_back_INT__BLUE_SCHOOL_HALLWAY___DAY
or if i wanna change the bedsheet how do i do that? thnxs in advance

I would suggest saving the background to your computer, then using the select tool to select what you want to change, then adjust the hue. That’s what I’ve done in the past :thinking:

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ok thats really helpful but do u have any recommended app?

I think if you have an apple computer you already have photoshop, but if you don’t, maybe try pixlr?

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This thread has different variations of the lockers you might like. I know you wanted to create it on your own but I thought this might help too :blush:.


ah ty! :smiley: i’ll check it out!