Anyone know how to fix this error "choices must follow immediately not a branch"// FIXED!


so I am using a template from @dara.amarie , and the start says “choices must follow immediately not a branch”
And I have no idea how to fix it :roll_eyes:

here is the start, DM me if you need more of the script

“Skin Tone” {
(this is the part that I think its talking about.0
goto fem_skin1
“Hair” {
goto fem_hair1
“Eyes” {
goto fem_eyes1
“Eyebrows” {
goto fem_brows1
“Face Shape”{
goto fem_face1
“Nose” {
goto fem_nose1
“Mouth” {
goto fem_mouth1
“This is perfect!” {
goto female1_end


That warning means you’re missing dialogue in between choices. Can I see a screenshot of the code


do you mean of the whole code on my computer? or just the bit I am having trouble with


The bit your having trouble with


But try to get the beginning of the template too


You need to put a dialog before the choice :wink:


Like the other’s already pointed out the error comes from you not having a dialouge or narrator before the choices are lined up.

So what would you like to change? <— You need some kind of conversation or narrator before the choice.
"Skin Tone"{
goto fem_skin1
goto fem_hair1



Did you remove the dialogue from my template? That’s why you’re getting that error.


oh that makes sense thanks!


Yeah. I did but I added back in now thx, also thank you for making the templates there awesome!


Happy to help :relaxed: