Anyone know how to fix this error?

Try putting “@” to pant to zone 2

Delete that bracket. You don’t need it. Also add the word choice before “I’ve seen enough.”

it says “Unexpected CHARACTER: NARRATOR”

How did you write it? It needs to be right next to the “I’ve seen enough.” Leave only a space between them.


You didnt delete the bracket in line 1625. It’s now above the word choice. Choice and “I’ve seen enough” should be together in line 1626.

in the same line?
choice"ive seen enough"{

Yes, just leave a space between choice and the first set of quotation marks.

choice “View previous messages” {


} “I’ve seen enough” {



i tried both and its giving me the same error i started with.

Can I see what’s before the choice?

Delete “choice” from line 1589 and add instead a }

Also in this one, you don’t need the word “choice” in line 1626 (I don’t know if you already deleted it)

it worked, but now i have this.

You need to add the spot in which the character has to walk
For example:

&EX walks to screen center in zone 2

thanks. it worked.

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You also could fix grammar errors :slightly_smiling_face:

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