Anyone know how to get motivated?

Hi! I’m working on a story and it’s a lot harder than I expected. I have a really good idea and I was wondering if anyone knows any motivational tips to get me to write more often. Thank you!

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For me, the best way to get motivated is to think further in my story. By that, I mean thinking about big plot points or even little things you want to happen. That way, I feel motivated to finish doing something difficult or boring (for me, that’s usually complicated directing or branching) and get on with the story. I get excited about the future of the story so it motivates me to finish everything in between!

I like to make my backstories complicated, but I don’t necessarily tell the reader. If you don’t feel like writing, you might want to try working on plot or character development. I like little details that might not mean anything to the reader that the author knows are special and important to the story. I just love mapping out my story and creating a lot of plotlines. That really motivates me!

I would also suggest turning on some focus music and not letting yourself get distracted by social media or netflix or something. Find a quiet place to work, put in some headphones, and dive into your story.


Sometimes I get motivated dreams i had (Doesn’t always make sense but I use the parts that do)
I also just read other stories, watch movies or just watch people and just take a few ideas out of them.

wow, I never thought about doing that. I gonna try it because right now i have a bunch of unfinished stories. Thnx :relaxed:

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Wow! Thank you for writing that. I’ve started writing more often which starts getting me in the habit and not listening to loud/music with lyrics. Thank you again

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Listening to music helps me get ideas on what I want to write about or looking at pictures that help me create story events. I do not listen to music while writing just the way the lyrics express feeling.

I completely agree about the social media distraction. I have deliberately blocked Facebook on my computer so I can’t be tempted to go on.

I also agree with being motivated to think “further in the story”. There is nothing worse than trying to finish something that you’re unsure of.
At the moment, I have a story in mind and the only thing motivating me is the fact that I know how I plan on ending it and the bigger picture of how I might get there.

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