Anyone know how to have outfits with the same name?

Hey, does anyone know how to name different outfits with the same name? For instance, have option 1 for several outfits?

I don’t think that’s possible,

You can always use:



There are ways to do this. You can label your outfit as Option 1, but you have to create a script name that only you will see. For example,
choice “Option 1” {
@CHARACTER changes into clothes1
I would number off for the script name and show it as option 1 in the quotes.

@IDONTKNOWREAL what do you mean a script name I can only see?

When you make an outfit it asks for a name. That is a script name. You only use that when you say:
In the quotes you can change the name into anything you want

Ok, I think I get it. Thanks.

Glad I could help.

@Sydney_H please close this thread!

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Topic closed by OP request.