Anyone know how to instantly get to a certain behavior?


For instance, I want my character to have the shush face’s end immediately without the whole animation part or focusing the zoom on some other character while the character I want to have the animation does it off screen if you know what I mean. I’ve seen some big authors do it but I’m not sure how to myself? Can someone help me out? If you need more info on what I’m talking about, let me know. Thanks!


Use a duplicate character. The duplicate stands offscreen and does the animation. Then switch the original character with the duplicate.


Is there a way you can explain that with coding if you have the time, please?


So if you are in zone 1, place the duplicate character in zone 2 so that they are offscreen, and have them do the shush animation. Then when the time comes when you want your main character to look like the end of the shush animation, switch out the main character with the duplicate character and have the duplicate standing in the same exact spot as the main character was at.

@DUPLICATE stands screen right in zone 2 and DUPLICATE is shush
@CHARACTER spot 1.045 132 95 in zone 1 and CHARACTER faces right

Dialogue and what not.

[Some more of your script]

@DUPLICATE spot 1.045 132 95 in zone 1 and DUPLICATE faces right
@pause for a beat

Then right after you are done with that, remove the duplicate and replace the main character.


Thank you so much!!


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