Anyone know how to make custom overlays?

i need my characters out on a motorcycle and then turned into a png
one png of just the female and then a second one with both of them (the girl on the front and the male behind her holding on)
i’ll put the details below:


body: toffee
brow: defined natural
hair: beach wave : color: black
eyes: upturned bold ; color: black
face: soft heart
nose: elven
lips: classic ; color: bubblegum pink

body: light
brow: thin arch
hair: spiked up ; color: fawn
eyes: deepest piercing ; color:brown
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven ; color: blush


-punk look boots
-black biker jacket
-navy blue shorts onesie top
-black leather leggings

-henley shirt (olive)
-ripped punk pants
-stitch boots (black)
-cool leather jacket


here is the motorcycle;

if possible could you make it facing the right
and a helmet for her/ them

here’s a reference photo:



thank you in advance :blush:

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I can do it but your requests goes Here