Anyone know how to make this animation?

Hey y’all I was just wondering How to get this animation :sweat_smile:
So the animation I am trying to find is where the character (female from what I have seen so far) is laying down like the FAINT ANIMATION but the character has there eyes open and looking up :sweat_smile: sorry that was the best I could explain it I guess.
if anyone could tell me how to achieve that animation (I suspect it is a mix of to animation but I am not sure) or it could be a Hidden animation idk

I have seen this in a few story’s now but the first one was called “Attracted to the Nerd”

Thx in advance xx

For INK: faint
For LL: faint

For INK: faint
For LL: faint

How to use…

@CHARACTER starts/is faint

Hope it helps…:wink:

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@Andreea.Corcos so if I do @CHARACTER starts faint, it will make them have there eyes open?

If you want to try, go to the art catalog then click on the “Animations” button in the right top. There you can type faint and see how it looks for LL or INK…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Their eyes won’t be open when they faint because the animation doesn’t allow that unless you create an overlay of the character like that in photoshop. You can do (for INK anyway)

@CHARACTER is faint THEN CHARACTER is talk_lay_exhausted

As long as the spotting is correct it should work smoothly :blush:

@G_Lambent thank you!!!

I hope that helps! Are you wanting them to look dead? Or do you just want them to fall over and lie on the ground with their eyes open?

@G_Lambent I want them to look dead…

Okay… Then you can do idle_fall and they appear dead but their eyes will be open or you could create an overlay with Photoshop and photo shop the eyes open :blush:

but I don’t want them to change outfit

BTW, if you ever want to find an animation go here Art Catalog: Animations!


@Alexx.lapakka you probably are gonna be flagged if you continue to talk about the outfits change because is off-topic. Try to be carefully! :wink:

This is not off-topic😉 this is how you can get those facial expressions with animations😊

Yes, BUT here we’re talking about the faint animation and how to look

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Do you want them to look something like this?

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@Alexx.lapakka yes that’s exactly what I want

Use this :slight_smile: No need to change the outfit completely, just change it into the same outfit that your characters are currently wearing :blush:

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ok thanks so much

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No problem :blush:

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