Anyone know how to start a romantic first episode?

Hey so I will give a quickie on what my story is about I just want for you to tell me your opinion (as the reader) to what would make you hooked right at the beginning of the episode.

What my story is about - So the MC is going to a party and has her first kiss. They then start having a love-hate relationship. They will hate each other one day and then go home and dream about each other once they got home. Never telling anyone, not even each other. They go on this forever until they see each other at a party and start flirting again and end up hooking up. Both of them fall in love with each other but feel the other person doesn’t feel the same. They were complete opposites yet so similar at the same time. The next day after her average dream she goes downstairs to eat breakfast and the news is on. The reporter says after years of trying the government found the cure to never age. However to get this cure you need to have the biggest, most horrific price, taking someones life. They say its to “keep the population down” . The MC thinks about this and realizes that is eternity of never aging a single bit and staying young. An eternity with the love interest.

SO how should I start this lol.


An easy way to start any story is with a flashback or a preview of the future! So you could show a preview of a point in your story with a lot of tension like when she realizes that she loves the LI or when she first hears the news from the reporter. Literally any point will work. Then you could do a splash scene with the title and then start the party scene.


THANK YOU OML!! This helped me so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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