Anyone know of good apps to create overlays?

Does anyone know of an easy program/software/app that I can get to easily make overlays? As well, does anyone know of youtube videos that can help me understand the program/software/app so I can understand it quickly and not have to teach myself? Thank you in advance!


Superimpose X is great! I’m sure there are tutorials on Youtube- but a quick explanation is to use the masking tools. They erase a background

On mobile there is Background eraser app and a compress or die website. You can use both or just the background eraser if you don’t need to make it have less space by compressing it.

When I used to begin making backgrounds and overlays, Bazart was a super helpful app. Also painting apps like Medibang Paint and Ibis have eraser tools that will get your overlay super precise :wink:

I’ll be sure to try it out, thank you!

What can you use this for? Overlays? Backgrounds? Both??? LOL

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That’s super helpful, thank you so much!! :sob:

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It’s for overlays cuz of the title of the thread. It can probably be used for backgrounds but idk how. It’s a background eraser app to erase around the object to turn it into an overlay.

Ohhhh I see. Can you layer backgrounds so that you can add more to the overlays? Thank you so much!

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I’m not really sure but if you want to add your overlay to a background there’s an app called photolayers in the play store.

got it, thank you so much for your help :sparkling_heart:

1 Like lets you cleanly remove backgrounds of the images you want to make overlays with. I use it for all my overlays. You click on the crop tool and then there’s a magic crop button. Highly recommend!

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would you say that it’s easy to use? i’m still trying to teach myself how to do all of this LOL

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Yeah it’s super easy to use! So when you get there, you’ll click on Playful X. To remove the background of an image, just click on scissor icon -> the magic button -> tap on the background you want to remove and voila.

That sounds just like what I was looking for! Thank you so much!!! :sparkling_heart:

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I’m probably late, but Illustrator Adobe is the best tool. However, it costs and requires practice. But if you’re into illustrating it’s totally worth it!