Anyone know what this is for?

I opened my portal today and got this. Does anyone know what this is for or why I got it? TIA.

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I think it’s a subtle hint that they’re itching to ban you if you don’t comply… or just a bug in the system wanting you to agree to the community guidelines, again.

Either way I’d charge your phone before it dies.


I figured it was episode staff but I assumed that they’d email me if I need to make changes? It’s a contest entry so I’m literally not allowed to do anything unless they tell me to by email.

My second theory was that someone reported me and it’s just a standard “follow the rules” thing😅

but ty!! and yeah, my charger isn’t working lol😭

bumping this now that it’s a reasonable time of day :sweat_smile:


yes it does happen to all of us and even for author. who have not make a story . Episode community did make a update . so guideline making sure we have follow.

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omg Tysm! i was worried

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your welcome :sob: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: happy to help and true it was worried . Since i realized when community update . it always pop up but even when some artists don’t make a story or post one . guideline just comes and ask for accepted if following guideline .

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My account is 3 years old so I bet they’ve add new guidelines since then lol😅

I even emailed them about it so now I feel stupid

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that is long year account and it’s true that looks like new guidelines XD :sob: :hugs:

:sob: don’t feel stupid . it ok to ask to make sure about guideline for them to know . In case of anything that they can work with portal . :melting_face:

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