Anyone know who made this background?


It’s in the art catalog

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No credit required

oohhh heheh…


kill me plz


It’s cool, it happens

this 1?

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I don’t know about that one

Ooof ok

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send a big picture of that one so I can see what it is and who created it.

sorry, I deleted that one but can you help me with this?

hm…do u know who created it?

@Epiiuser_Queen do you know where u got this background from? I am not sure if it is on If it is, click the picture, and look down under the picture u will see who created it.

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I found it off google

what did u type in search bar on google?

Note: Stop getting backgrounds from google, and Pinterest, and go on, or u can go to the thread and check out backgrounds created by others on forums. (These are here for a reason. :wink: )

“Episode Bedroom Backgrounds”

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Once u clicked it, what did it show next to it?

It had the portal link then took me here:

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hm, okay. Check on

Didn’t find it, but I found something else ty!