Anyone know who's bg this is?

Does anyone know who created this background so I can credit them in my story?

It doesn’t look like something that belongs to anyone. It looks like a picture gotten from like pixabay or something, but let’s see.

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I found it on a free drive i’ve saved but can’t find the creators name😂

I don’t think it should be even on this drive.
It seems to be taken from google: modern master bedroom 5 | Interior Design Ideas
so I can assume that this is wrongfully claimed from google/pint

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Now I’m seeing it on pinterest and other sites.

Strange I’m sure I can use it because I’ve saw it in other stories previously just wanted to give credit if I could

Personally, I’m not sure about that.

You can’t use it actually, because you don’t own rights for it; no matter when you saw it, you didn’t see it on free stock websites. So you can violate guidelines by using it.

Alright no problem I’ll see if I can find it on a free one or I’ll ask another author I’ve saw it on

You can probably find better ones on pexels, unplash, pixabay.

Another author probably did the same thing, they thought it was a luxury background, so I’m gonna use it. But it doesn’t work like that.
You can’t actually use photos from Google or, for example, pinterest, if they’re not from free stock websites/royalty free/free copyright. They all have owner and those rights are signed for them, not for you, until you buy it (if they’re selling, like on adobe photostock). So for the future, it’s better to stick to free sites and look there, buy rights for pictures, or use free backgrounds made by creators here on forums. That way you won’t get into trouble.


Yeah will have to thank you for your help, thought it would be okay since it’s in the free drives I got a link to in the forums but nevermind

I’ll have a look when I get chance thank you for your help

when it comes to very realistic and rich backgrounds (free drive or not) make sure to check it twice with google, you can search up all the images, if you’re not sure from where they come from :3 and no worries!