Anyone likes Be More Chill? Let's talk about it!

You can tell me about fave ship, songs, characters, etc. I love musical theater so I might do more of these. Hope you guys enjoy it! :cup_with_straw::pill::headphones::desktop_computer::performing_arts::grin:


I never really followed the ships, or the fandom in general, but I always liked the β€œPitiful Children” song. I just love a good villain number and I loved the way the squip played it, subtly manipulating Jeremy making him feel like he had more control over his life when really, it was just the squip taking over.

(But is it just me or the pre-Broadway album was muuuuuch better than the Broadway one?)

No, I am totally with you on the fact that the off-Broadway version is better. The new Squip ruined everything for me. I wished that it was the same Squip but no, it sounded like a surfer dude. I totally understand where you are coming from.

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