Anyone looking for a co-author?

If anyone is looking to begin co-authoring I would definitely be interested! Currently working on two series on my page am willing to take two more series under my belt!! Reply if your interested and ill get back with you!! Thank you kings and queens!



I’m interested. If you want, you can dm me on instagram. My instagram is @xoxoepisode_sr

Im writing a story and but I have problems with coding and I don’t have much free time for coding and I’ll be grateful if u help me :slight_smile:

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I can help if you need PM me and we will discuss what your looking for


I’m looking for a writing partner for anytype of story. I can also edit/proofread if needed


Okay let’s talk. What story im more geared towards romance, thriller drama.

PM me and I will be happy to start the details going

Hi i wanted a co writer to code 1-4 chapters for my story so i have trobles with codling :pleading_face:

Hi I’m looking for a co writer

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I’ve been searching for a co-writer myself so I could do it with you unless you really want to work with janikkigames.
Insta: Nutella_writes

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PM me and we will begin talking about details

Im also willing to co-write PM if interested