Anyone looking for a coder? I'm bored and have many hours

I’m willing to help code. I mainly do INK, I sometimes do LimeLight. Just keep that in mind. :blush: If you want to know anything else that I do PM me, I’m bored and have hours of time on my hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know how to make it look like a character is dropping their phone?

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You can have the character be holding the phone, then make the screen shake. Then make the character look startled. :wink:

Oh that’s a good idea…thanks!

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No problem! :smile:

Im having trouble trying to put in a code to let my reader pick their name. I put in the following but the “|” is red and the option to pick a name is not showing up in my preview. also an error occurred that says the “label name_input” is never used. Can you help me?:

label name_input

input What is your name?|What is your name?|Done(NAME)

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get rid of label name_input

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She’s right, get rid of the label. lol.