Anyone looking for a coder/scriptwriter?

I’m looking for someone reliable, preferably 16+ who needs someone to script/code their story. The story would be as much mine as yours. I love coding in my free time and I’ve always wanted to make a story, but I always have writer’s block due to my unimaginative self. I don’t mind whether you still need to come up with a story or already have one started. If you’re interested just let me know.

My socials:

IG: sativa.episode
Discord: Renae#4378


Heyyyy, I’m interested. I kind of have a story ish but still needs some work, would love to talk to u abt it :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m 19 and have some ideas I’m more than happy to help. I love using my imagination and make stories and adventures, I just ain’t good at the other stuff I think we are a good match I’ve got no writers block and you have the skill to put it all together.

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Hi, are you still interested? Message me on ig- sativa.episode

Hii we are 2 authors looking for someone who can code n write. We have already a story Idea! We would be happy if you could help us for free! :slight_smile: