Anyone looking for a writing partner or group?

I have many ideas I want to put into stories. I want to have a couple of friends to either help write or that we could have similar stories going at the same time. Anyone interested?

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Hey! I would like to be your friend and partner.
What do you say?

That would be great do you have Insta?


Alright, we can talk on here then. I’ll PM you!

I need a writing partener

PM me!

Do you have instagram?

i would like to be your partner i got so many ideas but i don’t know the directing thing… if you would like to be my friend that would be great

I would love to help!

Alright pm me!

PM me!

do u hve IG ?

Are u still interest?


Yes I do, carynr.epi

Hmmn u can dm me from ig we can talk what do u need for story

k I’ll DM u ri8 now

whats your insta?