Anyone looking for a writing partner?

Message me if you are interested! I am an advanced director, and just looking for someone to help me with ideas and writing plot! Mainly interested in mystery, thriller, and horror writing!

Hey ! I’m interested… And I kind of have some ideas too😅 I have a plot for a mystery but I’m new to directing, so I think this will work perfectly for us. Are you interested @hellohammy ??

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This is awesome! Totally interested!!

Do you have Instagram?

Or discord?

hello hammy i just started a thriller story called the stalker can you please be my co writer?

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If you have a discord add me at hellohammy and we can talk about this more!

I have a discord at hellohammy and my instagram is episode.hammy

i just signed up for instagram how do we talk about my story?

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What’s your four digit code on Discord?

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3807 :slight_smile:

Add me at episode.hammy and you can dm me

how do i send a direct message on instagram?

I just messaged you on insta

how do i look at message on instgram? i only have it on the computer not on my phone

I’m not sure if you can check dms on your computer… never tried