Anyone looking for an art partner?


I have been looking to help someone with art for their story things like backgrounds and covers and splashes and art scenes



Do you have any examples of your work?


Sorry totally forgot I just added some


Oh wow! I really like your work! :heart_eyes: Do you make overlays?


Yes but I don’t have examples of any sadly


:thinking: That’s alright, can you make like custom overlay like limbs and stuff?


I don’t need anything but I really like the bottom examples!




Yes they are fairly simple to make things like mirrors and more abstract things can get complicated and messy


so you can do special scenes as well?


Special scenes as in art scenes? If so yes.


hi Amelia i loved your works and i hope that you can help me
i am working on my new episode story and i am not that good at editing
i hope that you can help me !


I don’t see why not just message me and we can talk about it


okay how can i message you ?


@Jeremy can you close this page



Closed as per Op request. Thanks!