Anyone make custom poses?

I needa custom pose for my new story and i was wondering if anyone is willing to make one for meh if so that would be greattt. I’ll give credit in the story if wanted!

Character detail:
skin: olive
brow: medium round
hair: long feathered white
eyes: round bold taupe
face: oval
nose: upturned
lips: full round terracotta
gold heels
black leather leggings
bandaged torso
I would like her face to be bruised and her upper body tied up with her in the (fall) animation position but with the arms_crossed_angry animation expression

thank you for your help <3

Do u need help?

No i just need someone to make the pose so i can put it in my story

Can I help u?


Ok so describe me what pose u want

so i guess i want her in a chair tied to it with a angry face.

Ok which part of the character u want to be tied?

her torso.

Ok is the character a boy or a girl?


Can u send me your character pls.
One with the pose idle
and one with the pose idle sit pls

What chair do u want?

right now i’m not able to send them but i will later!


Ok then can u give me the detail of the girl pls?

Hi do u need help?