Anyone make me a free art cover?

hii! to anyone who knows someone who can do free art covers please reply to this or dm me in instagram on @lisa.writesz or anyone who can do free art covers !

the details are below!! make sure to scroll down carefully bc there might be extra details of the characters :blush:


extras - Freckles Heavy (08-10) , Bird Collar Tattoo Solid , Bird Forearm Tatto Solid.

her hair color is kinda like this

boy ||

extras - Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Tattoo , Eyebrow Piercing Horizontal Barbell.




girls outfit

with straight-curly hair.

instead of the grey shirt change it with a white one!


something like this but a little less realistic and more of something that gives off the li’s vibe which is like a dark vibe .

i would really appreciate it if u dm me on @lisa.writesz for the actual art bc i dont want it shown or sent on here bc some people can steal.

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Do u want it drawn or edited?



hii, i can try if you want :slightly_smiling_face: i’m an art student but i’ve never done any big digital pieces so im not sure If it’s gonna be that great lol

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that would be amazing, ty. do u have instagram?

Only personal one but web can dm on here!!

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oh okay thenn! we can talk on the web then! :3

do u have any process? (if u do)

hey i also need a cover plz

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Hii do u still need a cover??

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yea i do!

Im practicing my art rn and I can send u some examples if u want to :blush::blush:

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sure! :3

Can you make an art cover for me. I have a few stories coming up. Cobra Kai. Make that art for me please.

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idk how to make art covers! im requesting an art cover as well.

hey could you do one for me I can send over the details on insta or tiktok or via email?

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Hi sorry but no I’m full of requests

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