Anyone make me a ‘this story contains zooms’ background?


Forgot to ask for someone to make me one so need it to say ‘this story contains zooms please click slowly’ with my characters doing what ever you wish them to will sent the deets if you’re willing to make it.


I can do it!


But the thing you’re talking about is called a “splash” not a background.
Splashes are things that say “This story contains mature themes and strong language” or “This story uses sound” things like that.


Oh never knew that


Want me to send a picture of my characters? Or just their details?


Yes please!


The character’s detail please.


Give me just a sec


Do you need examples of my work?


Nah i trust that i’ll Be impressed



Can you send their whole body? And what animation do you want them to do?


I don’t know about the animation was hoping you’d pick something suitable



Alright. I kind of have an idea already. When do you need this by?


Whenever you can get it done I’m still waiting for my other backgrounds so I have ages tbh


Lol. Any background preferences with the words?


I’m find with whatever you choose as long as I get the ‘splash’ I’m fine


Okay. You got it, girl.


Can you tell me what glasses the girl has on? Like what are the called?