Anyone make me a ‘this story contains zooms’ background?


Wayfarers I’m not sure about the full name let me double check


Clear wayfarer


Alright. Thanks so much!


Have you finished it yet :sweat_smile: sorry if I’m coming across rude!


You’re not rude at all, I had actually made a completely different splash with the same characters! Instead of advanced zooms, I put the mature themes and strong language one! I apologize for he wait and I should have it done be tonight. It’s 4:32 where I am now.
Here’s the first splash I made just in case you wanted it. If you don’t use it, I totally understand.

I don’t know if it’s the right size, just tell me if it isn’t if you’ll use it.


It’s fine, I don’t mind if you made the wrong one I don’t mind he wait at all


Thanks! Are you going to use it?

If you aren’t, just tell me, I’ll completely understand. And I won’t mind.


I will!


Aww, thank you!




Is my zooms splash finished yet, sorry if I sound rude.


I’m gonna work on it right now. Is it okay if just the boy was in it?


Yea anything’s fine


Alright, imma work on it right now.


Ok thanks


So sorry it took forever for me to give it to you, here you go!


It’s fine I love it!


Alright. Thanks for still giving me a chance!:grin:


It’s fine I’ve seen your work so I know it would of been worth it in the end


Awwww. Well thank you.:smiley: