Anyone make Script Templates?

Does anyone make script templates, if so I need one done

What do you need?

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Can you make it png?
I don’t want to resize it and then lose it’s quality

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I’d send a script in the morning

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Ok, Thank you!


#Odd numbers are Female
#Even numbers are Male
#CH13 and 14 are supposed to be children

&CH1 spot 0.461 276 190 in zone 1 AND CH1 is search_neutral AND CH1 faces right
&CH2 spot 0.236 236 287 in zone 1 AND CH2 is react_sit_checkphone_bored AND CH2 faces left
&CH3 spot 0.362 92 242 in zone 1 AND CH3 is talk_phone_angry_loop AND CH3 faces left
&CH4 spot 0.479 29 195 in zone 1 AND CH4 is eat_pizza_neutral AND CH4 faces right
&CH13 spot 0.335 196 208 in zone 1 AND CH13 is sing_dance_clap_happy_loop AND CH13 faces left
&CH14 spot 0.335 152 209 in zone 1 AND CH14 is idle_bounce_happy_loop AND CH14 faces right

&CH1 moves to layer 2
&CH2 moves to layer 1
&CH3 moves to layer 3
&CH4 moves to layer 3
&CH13 moves to layer 3
&CH14 moves to layer 4

&CH5 spot 0.425 246 222 in zone 2 AND CH5 starts kiss_makeout_loop_rear AND CH5 faces right
&CH12 spot 0.416 214 227 in zone 2 AND CH12 starts kiss_makeout_loop AND CH12 faces right
&CH7 spot 0.452 307 192 in zone 2 AND CH7 starts wave_extreme AND CH7 faces left
&CH8 spot 0.461 31 192 in zone 2 AND CH8 starts text_phone_sad_loop AND CH8 faces left
&CH6 spot 0.437 111 211 in zone 2 AND CH6 starts talk_awkward_loop AND CH6 faces right
&CH15 spot 0.437 160 201 in zone 2 AND CH15 starts idle_armscrossed_angry_loop AND CH15 faces left

&CH5 moves to layer 3
&CH12 moves to layer 2
&CH7 moves to layer 4
&CH8 moves to layer 5
&CH6 moves to layer 3
&CH15 moves to layer 2

&CH9 spot 0.200 136 297 in zone 3 AND CH9 starts idle_sit_serious_loop AND CH9 faces left
&CH10 spot 0.362 40 238 in zone 3 AND CH10 starts laugh_crackup AND CH10 faces left
&CH11 spot 0.335 80 240 in zone 3 AND CH10 is talk_neutral_loop AND CH10 faces right

&CH9 moves to layer 2
&CH10 moves to layer 3
&CH11 moves to layer 2

@transition fade in black in 2
@cut to zone 1
music int_restaurant_jazz
readerMessage @epi.joanne with messageTitle Airport Script Template Credit
@pause for a beat
@pan to zone 3 in 6


Thank You!

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