Anyone making detail cards for characters? (credit)

heyyy so i need some detail cards for my characters for my insta and art requests so if anyone could make me three of them that would be sooooo great i will credit!

character details

skin: honey
brow: medium angled
hair: straight black
eyes: upturned bold white
face: oval
nose: upturned
lips: full round terracotta
fashionista jacket
black dressy crop top
key necklace
black valentine flats
grey high waisted pants

skin: honey
brow: thick arch
hair: short cropped hair fawn
eyes: round piercing and blue
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven terracotta
ripped punk pants
shirt (cabernet)
stitch boots (black)
cool leather jacket

skin: olive
brow: medium angled
hair: straight chestnut
eyes: upturned bold green
face: oval
nose: upturned
lips: full round terracotta
leather leggings (black)
white layered crop top
white chelsea boots and socks

Aaron=same as esme
Alexius: same as esme

font and color:
black font
idc witch font doe

thanks bae bae :))).

If you can tell me each of their ‘moods’ and pose you’d like, I could do them :slightly_smiling_face:

ofc sorry i forgot!

Esmeralda- arms_crossed animation
Aaron-idle_happy animation
Alexius-flirt_fingersnap animation (at the end)

thank youuu

Lol okay! I’ll get started :blush:


Do you make covers /art scenes ?

Hi! I have an art shop that you can view by clicking here. I’ve never done an art scene before (hasn’t been requested) because I’m waiting to get a tablet so I can actually draw good quality pictures :blush:

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Nice ! I already love your artwork :slight_smile:

Hey, this is the first one I have done so far! I just want to know if you like it or if there’s anything you want changed since the other two will be done similarly to this :heart: I kept her name black since you wanted that color, but I changed her details to white with a black shadow since the black was too hard to see :grimacing:

Okay! thank you so much you are so talented i love it so far!

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Awesome! I’ll continue on with the other two then :relieved::heartpulse:

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Here you go! I hope you like them! Let me know if you want anything changed :heartpulse:

Also, would I have your permission to upload a tutorial of me making these onto my YouTube channel?

sorry it took me so long to respond and yes you ofc you can put it on your yt. thank you i love it how can i credit?

Awesome! :heart:
You can credit my IG @ princesskjx3 :blush:
Could you also share your username and a story title (if applicable) so I can promote you in my description? :slightly_smiling_face:

my story is new and is not out yet but is coming soon and i will credit!

Oh that’s okay! lol. Do you have an episode Instagram or would you like me to use your forum name? I’d still like to mention you in my videos description even if your story isn’t out yet :relieved:

i think my episode is @alexiusepi thanks <3

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