Anyone move to Wattpad or do both?


I recently decided to try Wattpad because I felt frustrated at doing so much work with the directing and not getting so many reads. I find so far I like Wattpad better because, it’s not as stressful to not have to do the directing and I seemed to get more reads so far.


I’ve actually thought about moving to Wattpad myself! I’m not very artistic so I feel like Episode isn’t a good platform for me anymore (all the art scenes and beautiful overlays are something I feel I can’t compete with lol) and I really want to get back into legitimate writing again. Plus my story concepts and ideas usually aren’t compatible mostly anyways with this Platform.

Im glad you like Wattpad and hearing somebody else who likes it makes me feel more encouraged about switching over!


I do both.
I have stories on there, too. Wanna read them?


I’ve tried wattpad but I have no idea how to promote a story there…
I mean I don’t know if there’s a platform there just like the episode forum to promote story

Personally I love wattpad more because you can write whatever you want


I don’t have a clue on how you would promote either. Lol I’ll probably use my Instagram and hope for the best. I’ve never been all that worried about reads to begin with though. It’s more about actually doing it that encourages me. But I’m glad to hear more opinions! I’m excited to start writing and eventually fully switch over! :blush::heart:️ I’m really hoping it’s a platform I’ll be happy with.


There tons of books and stories on wattpad where you can promote your stories. r4rs, etc. Comment for comment (Where you comment on people’s stories and they can comment on yours. II’ll teach you how to do it in a minute if you want to, they have a different way of commenting on there. :smiley: of which I love!!!) and vote for vote where you can vote other peoples’ stories in exchange for voting on theirs’.m BEWARE OF DOING THIS THOUGH, AS IT IS ILLEGAL IN WATTPAD. AND YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE…BANNEDDDDD!!! Anyway… I hope that you enjoy wattpad!

How to comment:
There is a different way to comment on wattpads, just tap on a sentance, hold, then tap on the speach bubble. You can also do it the manual way, too. You hold and drag to single out a certain text you’re commenting on, if you want to, also if you don’t to hold and drag and etc. you and just tap on the comment button, just look for the speech bubble on the screen without tapping on a sentence from the story’s pages or whatnot. :slight_smile:


That’s so helpful!!! Thank you so much for that! :heart:️ I’m glad to know. I’m not gonna lie, I’m just a LITTLE daunted by learning a new website and the way it works, but I’m excited too. I’m also hoping to find some really good fantasy and Sci-fi works as well!


You’re welcome!


This is helpful thnkss


I tried it once lol. I’ve since unpublished that story but I have another one I’m working on which I’m liking a lot more.
I find Wattpad a LOT harder than Episode honestly. I feel with Episode, since it’s mostly dialogue based, you can use directing to make the story flow and seem more interesting. You can’t do that with Wattpad and when I started writing, I realised how rusty I am lol.


i havent but a lot of popular episode authors have moved to wattpad :woman_shrugging:


It definitely seems we are like minded, because I agree with many of the things you said and they are factors to why I am currently not writing on Episode and just Wattpad.


Sure, want to read mine?


You can promote on IG but I noticed they have discussion forums like this and you can promote your stories there. There are also book clubs like the ones they have on Episode where you can promote your story.


I learned about this too and thanks for sharing.


Okee thanks but where can i find the forums??
And what is your story called


Currently under community and clubs, but I think they are moving the forums to a new address after Sept 1. Mine is called a Life’s Journey and you?


I published my story on Wattpad earlier today. :blush:


There are clubs on Wattpad you can use to promote your book it’s kinda like forums but there are a few spam messages you’ll have to dig through.


I kinda get that I have 2 books on Wattpad and I wanted to try Episode because they seemed more interesting to people but it’s definitely harder than it looks. Wattpad is kinda hard to start up on cause it’s not really easy to promote your books and stuff but once you’ve got a little fan base you’d be surprised the number of reads you can get. :smile: