Anyone need a artist?

Hello if anyone needs a artist, i’m your girl i can make all kinds of covers. And since i’ve been free lately i’m will to help out. I’m very understanding and caring. And i’m good at making things pop. i’m even trying to become a good artist. And make a career out of it. So if your will to give me a shot then i’m here


Hey, I’m writing a story called “Blindsided”, and I need a cover for it.

Do you have any examples?

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Any examples?

sure any one u looking for in particular

Drawn? If you do those?

Ok fallow me on episode famous baby to get more information. I’m send u them on instagram

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Hi there
I can’t gind your insta
Are you still offering art scenes?

Hi! Are you still doing covers? Can you do a group on lime light style for me? If so that is amazing!! Do you have any samples?

  • thanks Jocelyn:)
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yes i am my account is kaila_does_art, message me and fill out the form